Various art from italy

Nick Capone

I chose this piece of street artwork which would be considered 'fine art' because after a little research I uncovered what I found to be a very interesting tidbit about art history. The man in this photo is Vincenzo Peruggia who dressed up as a worker at the Lourve and successfully stole the Mona Lisa. Two years later he eventually returned the painting and was then arrested for the theft.
This painting is an example of fine art that gives us a small glimpse of what the inside of the Roman Colosseum. I chose this piece because more often than not you will see an outside shot of the Colosseum and I thought it was interesting to see it from a different perspective.
This piece would be considered 'craft' because it appears to have intricate designs which would require some sort of craftsmanship. I chose this piece because the greek mythology of the medusa has always interested me and I enjoyed seeing it through an uncommon medium.
This piece which is considered 'fine art' because to me it creates emotion. This painting brings me back to the memories of when my family and I would spend summers at my lake house when I was a child
In my opinion this work could go either way between 'fine art' and craft. Personally I'm leaning towards 'craft' because this artist used objects to help him craft this painting. I chose this because I enjoyed the irony that the artist used by portraying the Roman god of wine and the grape harvest with a beer and cigarette in his hands.
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