Evening Star

'Evening Star' is an exhibition focussing on the subject matter of sunsets. In this exhibition, the sunset is depicted through different mediums such as paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures. The sunset symbolises the ending of a day, and the near start of a new one, a new beginning. The featured artworks are placed in order of similar colours and forms starting with the black and white photograph "Sunset On Mount Pendeli" (1952) by Tombazis Nikolaos, and ending with the colourful sculpture "Sun Set" (1987) by Kim, Seung Hee. This conveys how certain artists interpret sunsets not only through photographs and paintings, but also through sculptures and drawings.The artworks in ‘Evening Star’ are linked together by Structural and Subjective frame. The Structural Frame is depicted through colour, line and tone. The colours are similar shades of red, orange, yellow and blue across all the artworks. These colours are very vibrant and bright, creating a joyful and uplifting atmosphere. The lines of the artworks are a mixture of curved, straight, thin and thick lines. These lines emphasise the shape of the sunset and the light radiating off it. Tone is more prominent in the greyscale artworks as there is no colour to help create the landscape. Therefore, tone is required to assist the audience in identifying the different components in the sunset. The artworks represent the Subjective Frame through the elements of expressive, reflective, and emotion. Through the elements of the Structural Frame listed above, the artworks possess characteristics which convey a lively and cheerful atmosphere which link to the elements of the Subjective Frame. As well as this, some artworks convey a deeper meaning through other subject matter that consists in the same artwork. One of these meanings is the subject of loss and isolation.

I believe this artwork depicts the Cultural Frame through the elements of Place, Society, and Culture. These elements demonstrate the reflection of the historic significance of the Korean culture on the artwork.
I believe this artwork demonstrates the Subjective frame through the elements of Emotion, Expressive, and Imagination. These elements are used to demonstrate the contrast between the happiness of the sunset and the horror of the shipwreck.
This artwork demonstrates the Structural Frame through the elements of colour, line and shape. These elements are used to depict the beautiful landscape created when the sun sets behind areas of land, which also creates the shadows.
I believe this artwork demonstrates the Postmodern Frame through the elements of Postmodernism and Recontextualise. These elements are used to contrast the use of metal as the base for the artwork to traditional art tools used of that time, which were canvas and paint. Also, the sunset is depicted in a different way to the traditional sunset we see everyday.
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