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In my exhibit i will be showing you mostly landscapes with a few other pieces thrown in. i picked this theme because i feel that everyone should be able to experience the raw beauty and emotion of nature and man. i hope you enjoy my selections from cordot to van gogh . pay attention to how the skys are painted as i picked out the best i could

this painting is a beautiful representation of a sunset on mount Diablo in California. the heavy orange and subtle blue makes you feel at peace. the majestic clouds are very whispy and cool looking
this pretty plum tree reminds me of hope. its like a beautiful scene in a desolate wasteland. its very simple yet somewhat familiar
i love this photo because it is so full of ambiguity. you cant really tell what it actually is. it looks like clouds of dust swirling through water. but it almost resembles horses running. it feels powerful yet fluid
Corot is known for his style of realism mixed with impressionism wich gives his landscape an almost blurry out of focus kind of look.
this painting is super realistic which gives you that child like sense of awe and wonder. it gives off a vibe that its some unexplored jungle in the heart of Africa.
this piece uses heavy black and blue colors to illustrate a somber and spooky scene. the mysterious man in the back sends chills up your spine.I really like this piece because it shows how important colors are to a paintings tone.
this looks like a scene straight from the bible. the rays of light shining through the clouds gives it an incandescent and epic look. the serene still lake in the background is a calm contrast to the burning skyline
the light gray horizon with a dark blue overtone reminds me of staring into the early mourning sky with a cool breeze blowing in my hair. the "north star is like a beacon of hope on a arduous journey
this classic is a great example of how simplicity can be complex. at first glance it looks like a mediocre kids art project. but after further examination you see how much emotion and feeling is put into this piece.
the lights reflecting of the water remind me of a dream i once had. it makes me think of a warm summer night in Russia or Romania.
this reminds me of a french town in the wake of WW1.It looks like a spot were kids would run and ply. like a small little town with no worries..
Im a really big fan of realism and landscapes so this piece is perfect to me. this is something that captures the beauty of nature perfectly. it has a perspective that makes it look like theres an entire world beyond the painting
its really hard to capture the amazing colors and majesty of a sunset sky. so when an artist perfectly captures it like this i just love it. the red, the blue,the pink, ive seen it all in real life, so to see it painted with such accuracy is amazing to say the least.
this painting makes me feel as though the painter intended for a sad mood. its like the day ending. the sun heads back and all hope is gone. but the light in the house symbolizes that hope is not yet lost. morning will come again. nothing lasts forever but the same can be said about sadness.
this painting reminds me of lord of the rings for some reason. the murky swamp and foggy sky give of a cool and mysterious mood. mysterious but not dark. the sun reflecting of off the water gives the painting a very warm feeling
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