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This is a brief art gallery that demonstrates various themes from Jane Jacob's The Life and Death of American Cities and Dashiell Hammett's Red Harvest. Both of the texts seek to abolish bad practices and promote good ones. In The Life and Death of American Cities, Jacobs looks to reform the modern city and change it into what she believes is the safest and most beneficial city to the people. In Red Harvest, the Op aims to not only abolish corruption in Poisonville and break up the collaboration of armies for it. 

I used this image to represent an urban environment where corruption is present but not ignored (Hammett 4).
This aerial view of Florence is representative of Jacobs' strong advocacy short city blocks that are necessary for safety (Jacobs 178-179).
I used this to represent the use of sidewalks in cities for safety (Jacobs 29-31).
This represents a corruption of Judas by money when he was bribed to give away Jesus to the Romans, much like the corruption by money in Red Harvest.
In this image, Jesus represents the Op trying to achieve the goal of cleaning up Poisonville (Hammett 4). The Romans beating him while he is down represent the people of Poisonville.
I used this picture to represent the importance of diversity (Jacobs 144).
This picture is used to represent a city block that has sidewalks and businesses that the citizens use and can walk to.
Martin Luther could be used to represent either of the texts. Like Jacobs and the Op, he wanted reform.
Credits: All media
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