In this gallery exhibit, there are many different types of paintings that all have different types of meanings in the way that you interpret them. All the painting can have a connection to ones everyday life if it is for an escape or of living the life you that want. This gallery will also show the beauty of people and nature and how people don't admire the simplest of things in our lives. 

This artwork draws ones attention because of the way that the light is being put upon the picture frames the area that they would want your eyes to be drawn towards. this artwork can make you feel relaxed and calm.
In this artwork, there is so much detail in it that can intrigue your attention too. Something that i like about this artwork is the darkness in the cave that emphasizes the water and the reflection of the light.
An identifiable theme in this picture in a religious theme would be someone praising to the lord and asking for help or forgiveness. As well as a person going towards the light and away from the darkness.
An interesting fact about this painting is that church followed Von Humboldt to this location to embrace the naturalist's theory of the unity of the cosmos.He was also astonished at the 670 feet waterfall.
This artwork conveys a relaxed and calm scenario, somewhere where everyone would want to go.Something i like about this artwork is the mountain and sunset view that just create a mellow tone in this painting.
Albert Bierstadt was a man who studied more about light and shadow and this image was to convey the harsh realities of the life in the central valley and all the droughts, overgrazing, and poverty of life.
This artwork can be identified to some as a happy place because there is nothing dramatic but relaxing mood. This artwork is just a place where everyone would want to go to get away from reality.
This artwork resembles humanity and nature coming one with each other. It shows the combination between one another and showing how everyone can become connected to the surroundings they live around.
This artwork seems like a Romantic setting. THis artwork can be relatable to people who wine and dine and have a family connecting moments.
This artwork interprets family and how they all connect and can have a great time being together. Also, this is an emotional moment because of how they can all connect and bond.
This artwork conveys a intense halloween vibe and really makes you wonder of what happen before being chased and why he is headless. This is great artwork for making you thinking and question life.
This artwork catches my eye with the intense colors and the light shinning upon the ships showing a ship of being followed through by god. Giving them a sign of security.
This artwork conveys a dark deep secret and that something is being help back. The dark sky and waves makes this artwork interesting to be observing.
This artwork is identifiable to a peace day on the beach were there in no worries and life and you can get away from the fast working area like the city.I like that on this little farm, you can relax.
This artwork is relatable to becoming one with nature and having the ability to survive and really understand what nature is really about.This artwork makes you feel connected with nature.
This artwork coveys an emotionless neutral state. This painting seems like she is thinking about life and waiting patiently for the painting to be painted.
This artwork is intriguing because of the diversity of the image and how the two people are completely different in manny ways but are yet so alike. No matter what culture you come from people are all the same.
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