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Experience living life and exploring new and old things through art; while gaining information on new places to visit in real life.  This piece will express an admiration for nature, travel, color, style, symmetry and history.  A new passion for travel and living through exploring new places from our past or present and the appreciation for that poetic form.

These Indian scripts (calligraphy) were created in an effort to preserve the dying languages of their culture. It is an attempt to link art and literacy; while passing on the skill and history.
An inspirational, black & white photograph; from one photographer of another with many great works. This piece is of a dark nature, rough, cold; and yet beautiful and full of admiration. It is exploration of culture through photography. Location of this photo is Mexico.
Rossi was a trained painter. This piece was a recognized canvas that Rossi painted using symbolism as it displayed a community and its social activity. It is warm in tone, symmetrical, with a 2 dimentional effect of the buildings and fog rolling in; while it is clear that the people were from a conservative time and going through hardship. His work showed the realities of life. Location of painting is Spain.
This bunker; which is made of bags of concrete, steel rebar and cast iron for the opening in the form of a beehive that is light in color and stands out amongst nature. Location of this piece is Inhotim, Brazil.
This Eastern Japanese art piece which is made of woodblock print, ink and color paper. Many Japanese illustrations were very colorful and depicted symbolism of the natural beauty of that area. The colors are somewhat muted due to time, yet still vibrant with lots of contrast. Location of this piece is Japan.
This black and white piece of documentary photograph taken by Berenice Abbot. It captures history in the industrial era.
This piece displays vibrant color and different hues of light and is a beach scene. It shows the beauty of the beach and an expression of how the artist sees it. Location of this painting is Berkley, California, USA.
An artistic expression of Indian Calligraphy (Regional Script) is being taught to a class to show creativity in the writing and its form, while preserving history and promoting literacy through a craft.
A painting showing a piece of structural history with a medium of oil on canvas. The 3 dimensional reflective pattern on the water; which illuminates a variance of light and naturalistic colors and reveals a highly detailed structure. Location of painting is Spain.
This piece is made from natural elements like paper, wire, branches, vines, grass, tape, etc. to express the symmerty of life between nature and people. It allows the viewer to see land and art from the eyes of an Aboriginal. Location of this piece is Australia.
Credits: All media
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