20th Century Rocks!!!

Artwork and Photographs of iconic Rock Stars of the 20th Century. This gallery will include paintings and photographs that reflect Rock music and those artists that influenced me over the years. It will also include one or more of the iconic instruments that made Rock music what it is today.

Depicted is the Les Paul Model Electric Guitar. Rock music would not be what it is today without this iconic "working" piece of art. The rounded shape of the lower half of the body gives this symmetry a flowing theme. The top half of the body dimensionally is the same, but the right side has an elegant cutaway that allows not only distinct beauty, but gives the player access the higher notes of the fret board. Geometrical shapes are used as well. These are done as Pearl inlays on the fret board. Adding a functional beauty, these inlays define notes on the fret board. Even the head stock has its own unique shape defining it as a Gibson Les Paul Model and includes the artistic cursive signature of Les Paul Himself.
Depicted is a mural of Jimi Hendrix of Guitar and Rock playing fame. The formal element of design that makes this piece so good is the color. Almost a rainbow, the color theme is a description of Hendrix’ music and style in and of itself. He was known for psychedelic forms of playing themes on the guitar. The color gives a sense of depth and insight into the character of the man depicted. It is a very 60’s style inspired piece.
Depicted is the Beatles Band. This piece has great color and linear elements presented in it. Simple color schemes give this a very blended appearance. The Sgt Pepper uniforms the band is wearing stand out against the stark contrast of the landscape and village laying in the background. This is a good representation of the colorful and lively music the band is known for.
Depicted is Slash from the hard rock band, Guns N’ Roses. This artwork shows realism. Using elements of shading and lighting really gives life to this piece. There is attention to detail in every aspect of this artist’s work. It’s as if you are in the studio with Slash while he is rocking out some new hard rocking riff.
Depicted is Blues/Rock Singer Janis Joplin. This is a two-tone piece that shows motion and movement as well as a portrait. The lines and shapes blend the portrait and full motion picture together. It shows Janis sitting in a portrait setting and singing on stage. It also appears to have Jimi Hendrix playing guitar for her in this picture.
This stamp is a painting of Elvis Presley, The King of Rock N’ Roll. The artist uses lighting and shading to bring a vibrant lively feel to the picture. This picture also has a very soft texture. It looks as if it would feel like velvet. With microphone in hand, Elvis is doing what he does best. Singing Rock N’ Roll!
Ritchie Valens is depicted here singing Rock N’ Roll. This piece has vibrant colors and uses lighting effects as well. This portrait also is realism. The coloring in the face gives life to his singing performance in the picture. The two-tone background makes Ritchie and his features stand out. There is also a the appearance of texture in this work as well.
Gene Simmons of KISS is pictured here. He himself is a work of art. Painted as “The Demon”, the wing like painting around the eyes on top of a pale face creates a scary feel. His eyes are painted dark as well. His leather outfit is designed to have a very “Dark Forces” look to it. This is a great representation of late 70’s and early 80’s Hard Rock show bands.
Pictured here are artists that performed at Woodstock. They are in a field of grass and have very simple colors. You can see Jimi Hendrix, Tiny Tim, members of the Mommas and the Poppas. The characters stand out against the green backdrop of the rolling landscape that uses linear perspective to show mountains in the distance.
Depicted is James Hetfield of Metallica. This picture shows him playing lead guitar. His clothing represents the artistic look of his generation of music. Torn jeans and sleeveless shirt. His guitar is a work of art as well. Using lines to create jagged sharp points that gives a Hard Rock and Metal look to the music he is playing.
Credits: All media
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