a visual representation of the color spectrum

15 pieces of various works across different mediums on all sorts of subjects that represent one main color of the multiple colors found in the spectrum.  

I added Red over the Mountains as if the Forest are Dry to my gallery to represent red in the color spectrum.
I added Red dress by Mikalojus Povilas Vilutis to my gallery to help represent red in the color spectrum.
Still Life with Oranges, Jars and Boxes of Sweets represents the color orange in the color spectrum.
Moon Dreaming also represents the color orange
Gustave Cailebotte use of yellow throughout this pic is why I choose it to represent the color yellow in the yellow spectrum
Even though The Yellow Log is not completely yellow throughout the yellow log is the focal point of the image and is why I choose it to also represent the color yellow.
Green Lamp Represents the color green
The main focal point of this work of art is the green dress on the woman which is why I chose it to also represent the color green
I chose The Siren as my last piece to represent the color green because of Gulio Aristide Sarorio use of greens and blues this work.
I choose the blue woman as the first picture to represent the color blue because of the artist use of only shades of blue to create the picture.
The Lady in blue's focal point is woman in a blue dress in the center of the picture and is why I choose it to represent the color blue.
The purple horse represent the color purple because of the color purple being the main color in the picture.
The purple wind also represents the color purple as the color purple is the main focus of the piece
The purple dress on the woman in the picture stands out against the bland background and is why I chose the piece as one of multiple pieces to represent purple.
I added this commemorative ribbon to my gallery as the final piece representing the color purple as the woman drawn on it and the tassel hanging from the badge are both all purple.
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