Gallery of line:Natalie hanek

This is an assignment about lines. 

This painting shows curved lines . They are drawn in different directions and all over the paper. They fade from light to dark and dark to light.
This image shows diagonal lines. They go in different direction and start from different parts of the paper.
This work of art I think represents concentration. There are many lines exploding from the middle causing many line going in different directions. It looks like it's not a painting but a sculpture.
This painting shows how large the stroke of the paintbrush. They are thick lines to show a more up close view of the mountains.
This looks like sparse lines to me. The are light lines that go in different directions. They are mostly curved and very light which makes them look as if they aren't even there.
This artwork has vertical lines going straight down. They fade to nothing halfway through the canvas.
This painting has horizontal lines. Some are shorter some are longer. Trying to give a different feel for it
This drawing looks like it was drawn with pen and with very thin lines. The thin lines make a man's face.
I think these piece of art can be focused because you are looking at one thing. THe artist did the the right thing when he made the background white so the people can have one thing to focus on.
This looks like a sculpture to me. This to me is texture. If you were to go up to this you would feel what it is made of and have a feeling if it is rough or smooth.
This reminds me of contours. It looks like there is an outline to make this painting. There isn't straight lines they are curved.
This is implied lines. You can't see the lines being drawn to make the shape of the straight lines. You only see the shape of it.
This is an example of actual lines. You can see the line making a shape for the circle and the lines going to the side and to the side.
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