The Evolution Of Horses

My gallery displays the evolution of horses over time and how horses used to be a need for  transportation and fighting and now how they are used for pleasure and fun like race and competing.

Philip Henry Sheridan's ride is a famous painting painted by Tomas Buchanan Read. This painting is very realistic it shows the true image of a battle scene in 1871. The different elements that Thomas has used in his paint such as colour which is a brow dusty colour give a sense of what the atmosphere of the battle scene would be like adding a very realistic effect to the painting. The tone of the painting is good to it show a crazy battle scene that makes you feel apart of the battle. Thomas has used the rider of the horse Philip Henry Sheridan to communicate to the viewer showing them what it must have been like for Henry galloping through a battle scene.  It also portray how horses use to be a need not a want. 
William Massey- Stanley driving his cabriolet in Hyde park is a typical british painting which would have most likely been displayed in William Massey's house. It was painted by very highly respected John Ferneley he has created a very realistic painting of Mr William Massey's driving cart, but the clouds in the back ground almost give a feel of surrealism as it looks like they are touching the ground. He has used relevantly light colours creating a warm tone to the painting and he has used the technique of oil pastels in his art work , to give more of an effect to the art work. He has encouraged the human figure in his art work as very serous formal and very uptight, i believe that this is because Thomas wanted to communicate to the audience that the wealthily were very un tight and formal. This art work shows how horse were used for every day transport to get from A to B
Warren Hasting on his Arabian is another typical british piece of art work. Created by George Townly Stubbs. George has used a very realistic out look on his artwork. He has used very typical colours in his art work with pencils to give a very much so realistic effect to his art work.  He has used a very different texture to his art work compared to the other two art works its a very sharp looking texture which gives of a good tone for this particular art work. He as incorporated the him figure ( Warren Hastings) as bait up tight and very "look at me on my arabian". I believe that he was communicating to his viewers what life is like for the rich. This art work displays a modern use of horse as Warren Hasting in this picture would have most likely been on a pleasure ride on his pride and joy Arabian horse. 
This Painting is a very modern painting with was painted in 2006 by Miyasake Masaaki a famous Japanese artist. This art work again is very realistic and captures very much so an image of what horse racing is like. He has used a very dull tone to his art work which is very surprising because the race  track is normally very alive and virbrant. And the texture of the art work us very rough as it looks very sketchy. maybe he was trying to communicate to his viewer the race track perspective to the jockeys or horses that are unhappy racing. He has interpretated he human figure as alive and on the high rush of horse racing.  This art work very much so displays the modern use for horses for public pleasure use 
This is also a modern type piece of artwork Sculptured by john Wills Good. This is another very realistic piece of art work of racing this  sculptures texture is very smooth with a very dark tone, which a very realistic shape. I believe that John has used the human figure to show what it must be like for a jockey before a big race as he was bring to communicate to his audience what it is like for a jockey before the race.
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