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Absinthe Publishing Group produces only the highest quality self-help and personal development oeuvres influenced by ancient and modern day philosophers. We pride ourselves in our undeviating guidance of the eager and discerning minds. Enhance your inner intellectual through Absinthe.

Working by Studs Terkel Find meaning in your work. In a series of interviews with countless individuals of all fields of professions, Studs Terkel idealizes the average worker. Through raw emotion and explicit detail encounter what work means to hundreds of citizens. Reading this book will open your eyes to what makes work essential and meaningful to mankind. Use this book to explore firsthand accounts of work fields you are interested in. You are what you create.
The Histories by Herodotus Learn from history. After all, it does repeat itself. As he traveled from one Persian territory to another, Herodotus systematically mapped events of the past, giving us a first account of what we now call "history." Through his explanation of the causes and effects of events, you can learn how your actions will effect your outcomes. There are countless lessons to be learned throughout this writing that you can start applying to your life today! Learn from the past and make your future better! "I engage in countless acquisitions each and every day and I learned the powers of cause-and-effect through reading The Histories. Read this book and you could become a billionaire like me!" - Donald Trump
On the Nature of Things by Lucretius What is reality? The world we live in can be so confusing. So many questions yet so little answers. On the Nature of Things can be your guide to understanding the uncertainties concerning the nature of life and universe. This didactic poem will weave you through the Epicurean method for answering these questions. Expand your mind and rationale by understanding Epicurus' method of thought. Learn how to approach each trouble by examining relevant facts based on direct observation. "After reading On the Nature of Things, my perception of mind and soul took a substantial transformation. I took up meditation and now I understand the world around me much better." - Russell Brand
Utopia by Thomas More Derived from the Greek prefix "ou-", meaning "not", and topos, meaning "place", Utopia essentially translates to "nowhere". In this piece of fiction More depicts an island isolated from all other nations where values and norms are quite opposite from what we know. Read about the customs and ways of life in Utopia to learn how you can better yourself from unwanted emotions. Curb your greed and jealousy. Learn how to love one another more easily.
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft Men and women are equal, right? In this book, Wollstonecraft argues for the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. By bringing up extremely relevant topics, Wollstonecraft will have you analyzing yourself and your own capabilities, whether you're male or female. Use this book to rediscover yourself. Use it as a catalyst for for opening your mind to new possibilities.
The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels Enjoy freedom? German philosopher Karl Marx's ideas greatly influenced modern socialism and communism. In this manifesto, Marx and Engels outline in detail those ideas and theories behind communism. Although communism is not very popular in the world today, there are many things to learn from it. Learn to share your wealth and spread your resources. You do not need excess when your neighbor cannot suffice. Let go of your greed and work towards the common good. "I read this book and now I'm a democratic socialist." - Bernie Sanders
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