I chose to explore abstract art because abstract art is wonderful in so many ways. It's taking a piece that other people don't think have a meaning behind and giving it a meaning. Abstract artist can look at the work and can tell what it could be or what it should be and even what it used to be. In order to use and understand abstract art, you need to have an imagination. You see abstract in many mediums, paintings, drawings, sculpting and other forms. The first piece is pretty basic, not much detail but you can tell its an abstract piece of art. Frantisek had a lot of pieces like this. Its the beginning or the path to new abstract works. The piece by Fernando is a little bit more detailed. Some artist think this piece is truly abstract just from how it is modernized. The piece by Wassily brings some various colors and confusion on what actually the piece means. But again it allowed an opening for other pieces of abstract to be made like that.   

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