How Art influences our lives through its functions

There is something about the snow that is appealing to me. I want to go where it is white and beautiful! Maybe it's a desire to exchange these white sand beaches with some soft white snow! This painting drew me in with the simple lines and very few colors. With a very aesthetically and monochromatic appearance this is my selection for Art for Delight. I can see what appears to be snow covered mountains coming down to a stream, a house on the left side and a few people at the very bottom of the painting. I want to be in the center of this painting, enjoying the view and the snow. I find that there is such beauty in this painting.
I learned about Banksy and Shepard Fairey last summer. Both are involved in street art. As I began my search for commentary art I was at a loss for a while. I then found this mural piece by Shepard and thought it fit the Art of Commentary. Commentary can have a message of personal judgements on conditions or political aspects. This mural portrays an informative message of peace and liberty. Shepard Fairey is also known for the painting of President Obama! Here is an image with the peace symbol in the center of the image but also it contains the words of PEACE and LIBERTY.
I chose this ossuary as my selection as the art for worship and ritual. I had never heard of an ossuary and found this item very interesting. The human remains are buried and then retrieved years later and placed inside this box. This fact is what intrigued me most! As we journey through life some of us choose to follow certain religions. Customs of our chosen religious affiliations can influence life choices and decisions. As is custom in most religions after death is the burial of the body. The elaborate details in the box itself and how it was used are so impressive to me. With increasing populations and less grounds for burial sites I have to wonder if this could be a returning option.
Many forms of art are used to preserve and recall memories. We see them used throughout history, especially during times of war and before photography became so prevalent. In this photo we see a depiction of John Wilkes Booth, the man that murdered President Lincoln. The assassination of a president is not common! This photo helps to aid in the remembrance of this harsh time. This photo reiterates the potential risk of life that authority figures assume. This serves as my selection for Art for Commemoration. The fact that Booth was able to get so close to President Lincoln is astounding. This photo helps to serve as a reminder why there are such extra precautions taken with any Presidential events!
The early 1940's were known for war times. Men were serving the country overseas and receiving support from back home from the women. Back in those days, the women were known as the caretakers and housewives. An ad to bring women into the workplace was a form of trying to change the current ways and encourage women to join the workforce. Getting women involved in the work force to assist the men. What better way to use art? Placing women in the advertisements and encouraging them to join in and help! This is my selection for Art as Persuasion. Encouragement of the women to help and get them on the same lines to win the war! Amazing how much our country has changed since this time.
This selection has given me the greatest difficulty to decide upon. I kept looking at abstract art, current art and self-portraits but decided instead to go with this piece. I wanted to find a piece of art from long ago to fit this category. This piece is an assemblage thought to be representative of a mother and her child. I think it is representative of combining things together to achieve a pleasurable combination. If I’m not mistaken, the use of this combination of pieces helps to categorize this an Art of Self-Expression. Upon further reading, these items seem to be found inside many graves with the deceased people located in a specific region of Paphos.
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