Impeccable Beauty: A Natural and human Phenomena 

My art gallery encompasses art culture in our community, and the interaction between society and nature. Each art piece portrays a human imprint on the environment. In this delicate interaction we find symbiotic beauty, balance, and a love of cultural uniqueness. These images capture everything that I love; color, nature, summer, city lights, and international culture. Each photograph is incredibly open ended, thus people are imprinted in varying ways from its beauty. Each photo represents the boundary between nature, culture, and modern society. Moreover, the lines by which these boundaries are blurred and intersected. The photographs seem to explain significance, in the sense that they capture a small fragment of time that seems to explain why they are meaningful and relevant in our world.

The first image entitled, “permanent sunrise” by Alejandro Propato, portrays the eternal beauty of light, color, ocean landscape, and human experiences. Although every sunrise comes to an end, as does every day, and every human life, the sunrises continue for an infinite amount of time, as does the eternal human appreciation of its beauty. When we capture its impeccable beauty in an image, we have our own permanent sunrise. This again illustrates the theme of the intersection of human life and nature. The second image entitled, “Coast Totem” by Linda Matthews captures a beautiful human imprint of art on a landscape. The beauty of the ocean horizon alongside the impeccable Totems, amplify their individual amazingness. The third image entitled, “Banner for Sculpture” by Francesca Mataraga illustrates a cultural banner of human design and color, intertwining with natural overgrowth. This simple, yet incredible photograph perfectly captures the junction of nature and humanity, and the beauty that it creates. The fourth image, entitled “QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre)” by Darren Thomas portrays the beauty of human infrastructure, artificial lighting, in an otherwise dark night. Humans have created an everlasting day through technology, which permits us to experience nature’ beauty even in the deepest of nights. The image captures the notion that humans can truly enhance natural beauty. The fifth photograph entitled, “Destiny” by Skount, illustrates a graffiti mural in front of a beautiful forest. This unique photograph portrays the way in which cultures imprint society and its infrastructure, in a very natural way. This mirrors the impact that society as a whole has on the natural landscape. 

Credits: All media
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