NYC Graffiti

This gallery features art from popular graffiti artists. Their art was an act of rebellion and often used to raise awareness of issues. It sometimes carried political meaning. It was often used as self-publicity for artists as well.

This is Barcode by FUTURA. He is known as an innovator of Graffiti. His art featured thin lines made with airbrush, instead of bubble letters used. His art symbolized blur between reality and dreams.
This work is untitled by JonOne. It's acrylic on canvas. his artwork was a symbol of the energy that he felt in NYC. His artwork is often abstract, but there is repetition, using thin brush strokes.
Stephane Bisseuil is a photographer who's work shows subway stations of New York. He shows graffiti to raise awareness of it as a modern art form. His work emphisizes color, which makes the art pop.
Taki 183 is considered the most influential graffiti artist ever. He was known for tagging outside of his neiborhood. His simple use of black is considered to be what started the modern graffiti era.
This artwork is 4.25.13 by Zimad The work is a symbol of ambition. He began his work on buildings, then moved to canvas. His use of color and emphisis is inspired by comic books.
This work is called Futura, by Futura. It's one of his many abstract artworks. He made this to go against the trends of the many graffiti artists of this time.
This is New York Graffiti, by Stephane Bisseuil. He took this picture to show modern graffiti as an art movement. This work emphisizes color, using complimentary colors on the backdrop of the wall.
This work is 9.02.13 by Har. It represents the hidden identities of urban artists in New York. The attention is drawn to the middle with red, then leads to the left, and finally to a blue background.
This work is called 5.28.13 by Feen and Aim. These particular artists made this for self-advertisement. There is a balance between the two names, both are in similar in font, and in size.
This is 8.12.08 by Kezam. His work is different in that it's 3-dimensional. He meant his work to be bold and inviting. Kezam's use of color and shading make his work stand out from other artists'.
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