This is a collection of wonderful bouquets of flowers, giving you a calm, content feeling as you stare at them.

This is a bouquet of different flowers. What I like about this is that the different colours express all my emotions and make me feel happy and make me feel joyful too.
I love this artwork of a bouquet of flowers as it makes it look like the top 2 flowers are way more important as their are taller than the rest even though I know that's not true. It makes me feel quite cheerful looking at it.
I really like this piece of artwork as it creates a weird atmosphere as it looks quite spooky in the backround. I think the pearls really help set the mood.
In my opinion, this artwork looks really weird and spooky as the flowers looks quite dead. It sets a really scary mood and its like its connected to a story.
(Unlike the rest) I like this artwork as its got a different mood set to it using its bright, eye-catching colours.
I really like this artwork as its really different to the rest of the artworks as its in a calmer sitution as its in a day to day life.
I love this garland of flowers as its different because its not in a vase. Normally it would remind me of Christmas, but it doesn't because its very dark and spooky.
I love this fantastic piece of artwork of a flower as its not normal because its not in a normal vase but in a cone shaped vase. It reminds me of ice-cream.
I like this artwork. At first I wasn't keen on it as all I thought of it was of circles, but as I look at it more I realize its kind of abstract which I like.
I like this artwork as its different. I think most people wouldn't like it because its dark and spooky , but I like a strange mood because it kind of adds a story when you look at the artwork.
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