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I selected these images based on many facts, I was interested in the topics and they clearly related to course contexts learned throughout this course, i.e. Animals, flowers, landscapes and power relations. 

  The first image in my gallery is "Romagnoli riding the horses." This painting features men riding horses and most likely herding cattle. The image looks very realistic in the way the animals are painted it appears as though they are moving. The animals look three dimensional and realistic. 

   The second image in my gallery is titled “Huntsman and Dogs.” This is a painting of two dogs and a man. The dogs again to look very realistic, their legs and tail movement as well as the texture of their fur look accurate and like the real things. This painting is a good example of linear perspective, the dogs in the foreground appear larger then the man in the background, this makes it feel as though the man is further away.

   The third painting is titled “Danae and the Shower of Gold.” This image has a woman lying on a bed naked, her body is exposed so that the audience can view it. This relates to the topic of power relations. The creator of the image was most likely a male and he was most likely making it with the intention that the audience were also men. The fact that she is naked in the image it makes her appear more vulnerable.

   The fourth image I have chosen is called “River Landscape.” This painting has people looking like they are either unloading off of a boat or they are getting on. It looks like there are both man, woman and children. My guess is that this is an oil painting due to the bright colours and also how the sky is a mixture of shades. This painting also displays linear perspective. The trees and boats in the foreground appear much larger and the ones in the background, and this again creates a feeling of distance.

   The fifth and final picture in my gallery is titled “Vase of Flowers.” And that is exactly what it is, a painting of many different colours of flowers in a vase. This painting shows many different skillful techniques, there are many beautiful colours and textures being used. This image closely relates to representation, the flowers look realistic but they are still only a painting of flowers. They will not wilt and die like real flowers would; they will forever look like that, and are therefore represent lively flowers.

Credits: All media
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