the beat goes on

Influences represents different attitudes of people in our society. I like this piece because I often look at people and wonder what their thinking. She looks to be blocking out one eye to analyze and show off the nail art. These could be women and men that have had a positive impact to help her survive in society. I think this is a representational art because it has appearance of reality.
The Seated Woman is an interesting abstract piece. The medium used is bronze which is a soft metal used to cast sculptures. I feel as of the content of this piece is to make us feel this woman's pain. Her legs are unusually big to be a woman so I feel as if she's representing a strong woman that may carry many burdens. She's holding her arms out as a release and is finally able to take a seat and get some rest.
Performance Still is a photograph that I feel is a nonrepresentational art because you have to imagine what its representing. I chose this art because I feel as if it leaves with a lot of thought. In life sometimes we feel as if something or another person is holding us back from reaching our goals. The boots in this picture are the hold up and the bare feet are breaking free. The medium used is black and white photography mounted on aluminum.
This sculpture is a representational art. I like this because it shows the reality of an old wise man seeing about a child. I feel as if the content of this art is that he is nurturing this child in this way to let him know he is safe. He has on rubber pants as if he is just getting off work but still had time for this child. The medium used is bronze and foundering which is a metal cast used to make sculptures.
This is a photograph that was taken at a festival in some part of India. I like this photograph of the artist Surresh Kala performing. It looks as if he is teaching at the same time. I can tell that he singing from his soul from the expression his face. My love for music helps me to appreciate all different kinds. This is a representational art that makes you get in touch with the realness of where he is entertaining with just his drum.
This work of art was very interesting to me. I wonder was this one of the first forms of a guitar. It is very detailed with the mother of pearl. Looks kind of exotic but with a rock n roll edge to it. The description of the medium used sited work of a master. I think the artist is trying to say that this is a delicate instrument that plays heavenly music.
I love this piece. The colors are very vibrant and eye catching. I love the look of the balls going around the carpet. It kind of looks like pom poms that cheerleaders use now. The colors that are intertwined to connect the balls to the carpet give it a python look There has been a floral print added in as well that gives it a look of Spring. The medium used is carpet products and pile weave.
I chose this photograph because I love to see different forms of dance. The Japanese have been a big influence in our culture. Their costumes have been a big influence as well. The vibrant colors and their style of movement look amazing in this photograph. Some of the dancers have their hair up or down. I wonder what the flowers represent behind them on stage. The medium used in this piece is a photograph I believe.
Hip Hop is a true love of mine. Hip Hop is a culture that many people don't understand. From the music to the clothes its really misunderstood. I love this art because it represents a friendly b-boy and b-girl battle. This is the only good outlet for some people that grew up in the era of battling in this style of dance. Hip Hop still lives on whether its through dance, beat boxing, or through music. This piece is a representational piece of art. You can feel the reality of it and it makes you feel as if you're there as if its an abstract art.
The Rythm of the City is an abstract piece of art. You have to look beyond the squares and circles to figure out what meaning it has. I like this piece because I wonder what kind of vibes are behind each door. Some of the squares remind me of speakers. The warm colors gives me a feeling of warmth. The medium used is watercolor paint. I could be a nonrepresentational art because you have to use your imagination to see why this painting has been given the name.
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