Courtney E.'s Art Project

Texture- Actual These sculptures look as though they're made out of a rough and gritty substance. They look this way because they represent a true and actual texture.
Color-Perceptual Perceptual color is what makes the dock and far away cityscape take on shades of violet and blue. Realistic docks and buildings aren't this color but the artist uses the distance to create this atmospheric illusion.
Form This painting implies form by it's success of creating a three dimensional image. The figures look as though they're close enough to touch, and the bicycles look as though they could drive off the page.
Abstract This piece is abstract art because of it's use of shape and colors. The art doesn't have a certain topic or depict anything. The main focus is on the style and shapes.
Shape-Geometric This is an excellent example of geometric shape because that's all it's composed of. The piece is made of all rectangles and squares of different sizes and shades which makes for good contrast as well.
Balance-Radial This piece of mosaic creates radial balance because all of the art radiates for a point in the very center.
Space-Negative The wooden sculpture has holes where the wood has been whittled away. These blank holes create negative space.
Unity This is a sufficient example of unity because similar shapes are made and the work appears very balanced even if they are not all the exact same or have identical colors.
Emphasis-Afocal This is an example of afocal emphasis because there is no certain place for the attention to be drawn. The piece is very busy all throughout.
Value - Chiaroscuro This piece holds a chiaroscuro value because the background fades to black and provides a good contrast with what the scene is depicting. It also creates a darker and more evil feel to the art.
Emphasis This is an example of emphasis because all is dark besides the moon and that which it shines upon. The light from the moon and it casting on the body of water is what creates the emphasis in the artwork.
Representational This piece of art is representational because it represents a very crucial part of Christian religion. It's not just a painting, but a painting of Christ being nailed to the cross to pay for the sins of humanity.
Proportion This is an excellent use of proportion because the statue of the people are accurate in size. This gives the statue more emotion because we can compare it to real life.
Value-Monochromatic The value of this art is monochromatic because it only involves the use of one color, which would be a brown. The piece simply uses tints and shades of the same color.
Color-Complimentary This painting is so captivating because of the complimentary colors used. The girl sticks out because she has a noticeable contrast of yellow and blue while her clothes are green and red.
Nonrepresentational This piece of art doesn't specifically represent anything significant. It also doesn't use practical mediums such as people, but rather uses untypical objects such as robots.
Contrast This piece uses a very simple but effective method of contrast. The colors black and white are extremely light and dark colors, which creates a reasonably good example of contrast.
Space-Illusion of Depth When glancing at this work, you feel as though you have room to walk towards the building. This is created by the building being smaller in comparison to everything around it, which creates the illusion of space.
Pattern Quilts and tapestries are known for their use of pattern and this one is no different. The same designs are repeated all throughout the art work which creates a systematic pattern.
Balance-Symmetrical The balance of this piece of art is symmetrical. It's almost as if you split the page, you will have close to the same thing on both sides.The girls on the opposite sides even seem to have the same stances.
Variety This piece holds variety in the stances and arm positions of the five men. Although they may be dressed the same, they all have different poses and different faces.
Balance-Asymmetrical This art work presents asymmetrical balance because one side of the piece holds more focus than the other due to the object protdruding to the right side from the body of water.
Contour Line The contour lines are visibly showing the shape and muscles of the horse, which transforms the painting into a three dimensional image.
Value-Hatching/Cross Hatching The depth of this painting is created by the use of lines and repeated hatching is what gives the architecture value in this work.
Repetition-Rhythm This piece of art uses a lot of repetition. The same shape is used repetitively on the work and it creates a sense of rhythm for the eyes to follow.
Outline It is apparent that outline is used in this piece because two dimensional flat objects are created. The outlines place emphasis on important subjects of the artwork like the patients and the aircraft.
Texture-Implied This piece appears to be rough and have a stone like texture. However, this is just implied because the painting does not actually feel this way. The use of fragmented pieces make it appear this way.
Movement-Motion This is a good example of motion because of the water that Venus is standing on. The use of white on the body of water creates the appearance of waves and seems to make the water have movement.
Color-Arbitrary Arbitrary colors are used in this work because common knowledge tells us that horses are not blue, nor are people a shade of pink, yet that is how they appear in this work.
Line-Implied This painting makes use of the implied line by creating a line of sight. All of the shearers are placed on either side to form a line for the eyes to follow along on the work of art.
Space-Foreshortening In this work foreshortening is employed on the bodies of the two girls. They're both laying back on a couch, so the ends of their dresses appear larger and closer in proximity than their heads or shoulders.
Scale This is a good example of an artist playing with scale. This sculpture is under a foot long, but is a model of a female human. A realistic woman would never be that short, which is why this is a good example of different scales.
Color- Analogous This has an obvious use of analogous color due to the majority of blues, dark blues, and even a touch of violet that consumes the work.
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