A Romantic America

The audience will experience America's pure nature, untouched by industrialism within these works of art. The 1800's Romantic period was the reaction to Industrialism in America. The idea of "Manifest Destiny" is clearly shown throughout these works. Romantics valued feeling over reason. Romantic art focuses on nature and the individual and is made to evoke many feelings within the audience. 

This painting shows a mysterious aspect within the Romantic period through the use of dark colors, grays, and different shades of green.
There is a strong contrast between the bright garden full of plants and flowers; and the dark, rocky abyss with rotting trees. The brighter area represents purity while the darker side is ominous
In this piece I like the contrast of light and dark. the luminous lake can be interpreted as a path to knowledge.
This picture can symbolize exploration because there are people climbing the mountains side to and unknown destination.
This picture shows the beauty in natural disasters over the way industrialism destroyed nature.
This painting evokes the feeling of mystery, because of the way the artist added light as it goes deeper into the forest.
The artist captured the beauty of nature in his art. It almost looks heavenly.
The sunset and the great amount of plants makes me feel like it is a utopia
This painting shows the beauty and simplicity of natures products
From this painting i learned about how people of this time period dressed.
the dark colors look mysterious and scary, its shows how people destroy nature for money.
This painting shows the audience the life style of regular farmers in the winter.
This piece of art captures the beauty of Niagara Falls. Although it drops off the edge, there is still beauty in the nature water fall.
Although it is winter, the artists still showed the beauty of a farm untouched by factories.
Through this painting i learned about how Native Americans were portrayed during the Romantic period.
This is an example of how some romantic artists portrayed native americans.
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