The Dark side of Nature

Follow me into the unknown, as we look at nature from a whole different perspective. Throughout this gallery you will encounter nature on its darker and dimmer side. Usually paintings show nature as a happy and bright thing for people to view. When looking at this I need you to forget what you know, and enjoy Earth, and all of her beauty in a much darker contrast.

Please note that this isn’t a horror-painting trip, its just natures less colorful side that’s all.

When you look at this photo all you will see is a black and white photo of some wheat grass, but is that really what it it? I see grass struggling to grow and breathe in a polluted world. The artist uses the black and white to show that color is leaving the earth as it slowly dies. If you look at the top you will see a white foggy look coming over it as if something erie is about to take place.
This is a painting of a hawk perched on a plain mountain with nothing around. This painting is a little brighter around the edges, but the artist seemed to want to just make the painting pop. There are black dots scattered around representing the shadows in the area, but if the lonely bird is on a mountain in daylight what would be casting shadows? The only source of greenery seems to be dying which the artist showed with his use of green, brown, and black throughout the leaves.
The image here is of a flower pot laying down in the grass. Instead of using colors to make it pop, and look like it was filled with life, this image is taken over by green, black, and brown. It seems like the plant was dropped there and left alone which is why the artist left it there with capturing the image. It gives a sense of loneliness because you aren't sure how far the land extends, or if the owner of the pot is ever coming back.
This is a painting of a person standing alone in a field as the sun is setting. Everything around him seems to be green, but the artist began to drown out a lot of the happiness in the image by casting so many shadows. The individual is alone in a field looking sad, and wearing black, as if they just left a funeral. Maybe its a woman who lost her husband and just wanted to be alone. The artist was able to show this because nothing seems to be alive and happy around the person, and even the sun is going to sleep.
This is a view of farmland in Kentucky, and a man and woman play with their dog alone in the empty field. This one is actually one of my favorites because I feel it tells a whole story thanks to the artist. You look at the time it was made and realize that during that time a lot of farmers were struggling to keep their crops alive, but thats not why I like it. I like that the artist made the painting a little brighter, but left it empty. There is a home in there, but the family are playing outside. Normally the people would be working the field, but they seem to not have any work to do. The artist drew brown fields making it seem like the land was dry for this time period.
A wagon sits alone in the middle of a forest, as the sun begins going down. The artist used phenomenal contrast in this painting. The sunlight is blocked by so many trees casting tons of shadows, and making the image appear darker. The dark gives it more of a creepy look, but the sunlight shows that in the distant there is light you just have to stay on the path. Well this artist shows that whoever is in the wagon seems to have gone astray, and is now traveling alone through the wooded area. I also really like the fact that he made it seem blurry as if the whole trip for the traveler was blurry kind of like he was lost.
This is just a lonely tree trying to grow in what seems to be an empty area. If you look closely at the tree you may think it has a sad face, but it doesn't. I think the artist put that there to make you feel sad looking at this image. This tree seems to be unhealthy, and like it needs nurturing. I think that the lack of color really helps you feel the sadness radiating off this painting. I really enjoy the fact that there is no way to tell if the sun or moon are up, but this tree still casts minimal shadow, and where those shadows are casted theres a tiny patch of grass growing.
This is just of a plain wreath piece. Now this seems to be another boring piece, but its actually quite exquisite. The artist shows that there is this leafy green growing on its own, but yet it has still taken damage. If you look at a few of its longer leaf parts they seem damaged. I think that thats why its a plain, black and white painting. This tree seems it doesn't have enough going for it that the author used the darker colors to show the audience that eventually this will die off.
This image is of a minimal amount of leaves hanging off of a tiny branch. Like the last painting the artist decided to show the withering away of leaves through dark colors, and holes in the leaves. It also appears to be growing off of an even weaker branch to the point where it could snap. I like that some leaves are brighter than others to show a difference in color, so to me it appears that this black and white painting may be taking place in fall so the leaves are falling off anyways.
Three fish swimming in a colorless sea. I chose this one because I believe animals are apart of nature as well. I like that its fish because usually when your draw fish they're drawn in a blue sea, but these poor fish seem to be swimming in nothing. Looking at these fish I am immediately drawn to the fact that they're the type that reside towards the bottom of the sea where you normally wouldn't be able to see them. if thats the case, than their bodies are blue for two reasons. The first reason is that possibly that is just the color of their skin, and the second being the artist chose to represent that they're in water by painting only their bodies blue, and not drawing out the whole sea.
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