Mysteries of the Deep

A Gallery made by Tiffany Peterson. This exhibition is full of ideas for my upcoming contained work. I am planning to make a work about all the unknown beauties in the ocean. Enjoy!

This Photograph is from the 1948 film Mr Peabody and the Mermaid. I included this photo in my Exibition as I would love to model the mermaid in my contianed work after her, especially her hair. The video above is a fragment from the Movie when Mr Peabody reels in a mysterious maiden.
This Hand was created by French Artist Emile Galle. He was famous for his glass work. I have decided to include this scuptural peice in my Exhihitioin because i love the texture and colours he used.
This is a paper work done by Liza Flores. I love the 3D effect of this work. The koi fish and the crown featured are gorgeous and I may try to incorporate them into my contained work. The video above is of 'Mermaid Mellisa' finding an underwater cave.
I think this is a very original painting idea.It's the idea that not all mermaids have to be skinny and perfect. I also like the painting techniques used.
This is a glass work by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The gradient in tis artwork is fascinating. It isn't just blue blending into blue which is nice. The added colours are a pleasant touch.
This work is intriging. ALthough simple, i like the way that the Artist has used the brush in different ways to create different textures. Above is a video of recovered items from the Titanic; a constant reminder of all the hidden treasures underwater.
I love how Monet has used the paintbrush on the page. I have included this artwork in my exhibition because i like how the paint looks like it's moving and i would like to attempt to recreate it.
I love the colours in this artwork.It has reminded me how i can use colours from coral in my contained work. I also love the movement in the figures in the water that I can recreate.
Credits: All media
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