Installation Art Dealing with Media and Light

Installation art envelops the spectator into its space. It can be either permanent or temporary and also site specific. In this gallery, I focus on installation art that involves new media and light. The connection between all of these pieces are that they are thought-provoking works concerning the element of light in some way. The reason many of them were created was to evoke viewers to think thoughts that they haven't ever thought before. Oftentimes, evocative materials are chosen to make the installations.

A hub of tunnels inside Exxopolis is a giant inflatable installation. This installation is made from various colors of fabric that are connected with seams. Here, the main purpose of the artists and those who constructed it was for others to have an experience unlike any other. Natural sunlight passes through the colored fabric in order to light up the installation. The architectural elements make it a rather contemplative piece because people can sit in isolated nooks and crannies.
In this piece, instead of dealing with artificial light, natural light is reflected off of the spherical balls placed in the pool. This counterpoint in the gallery provides an example of how installation art can be used in a natural setting and how various media can be used to accomplish a goal. The artist, Yoyoi Kusama, created this piece in order to reflect the images of those looking at the shimmering balls. The installation is called Narcissus Garden because the reflection of the viewer causes them to confront their vanity and ego, often a narcissistic trait. Viewers can be mesmerized by their own images seen in the reflection.
James Turrell treats light as a material presence in this installation. Viewers are able to investigate the limits of their perception and are invited to enter the light at the end of the tunnel. This installation is a celebration of the artist's previous work. This piece has deep meaning because the tunnel seems to extend into the unknown. Although, it continuously changes between the artist's previous works.
Touch by Janine Antoni is a video installation. The video is of her walking on a tight rope that just touches the horizon of the ocean. The artist is the one herself walking across the tightrope. The installation provokes thoughts about balance as the viewers sit on the benches and watch the video. Video media and the setting of the room aide in the feeling of this piece. It also presents the question of what the horizon means to those watching the video. According to the artist, the name for the installation, Touch, is meant to represent the desire to walk on the horizon even though it is impossible. It creates a sense of illusion.
In Flow by Siyon Jin, artificial light is used to produce the sensation of the vivid, neon lines. The artist incorporates science and technology, which is an advancement in art. Light is perceived as a fascinating element in this world to artists. They are able to distort and change light in a way that provokes thought in those viewing the art containing the light. Jin uses multicolored lights that are moved about in order to make all kinds of shapes and designs throughout the video.
This this installation piece, reflective images are used to create the shape of the steel cube. I chose this piece in order to effectively get the point across that the light in this is reflected rather than produced. When the viewers see a reflection of their own image in the installation, it causes them to think about what they are seeing. The mediums used for this are aluminum and stainless steel. The size of this piece is monumental and meant to evoke broad thoughts. The piece seems minimalistic up close but when a few steps back, the piece reflects an image of a city skyline.
This piece is a temporary interactive installation in the city of Philadelphia. The installation gives off a feeling of playfulness. The lighting elements that are shaped as orbs are electrically run so when a viewer sits on an orb along the sidewalk the orbs in the river are sent a radio signal and they sensor the motion of the viewers. Through this, the viewers are able to transform the behavior of the orbs. The intent of this is to bring people together as a community in a peaceful, fun environment.
Credits: All media
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