Color Scheme

Katlyn Randolph 

The mood is more bright and has more going on. I think the color symbolizes a brighter theme. There is tint , because it is light and u can see some white mixed into it. The color that dominant is red
The mood of this is peaceful. I think green is a symbol for grass and calm. There is a tint. The dominant color is green.I think the artist chose these colors to show nature.
This shows a darker theme and more plain. It is darker more calm picture. The dark blue color is showing a settle mood.
This is warm colors, because it shows an orange,red, ect. The mood is a plain sad theme.
This is realistic, because its a drawing that looks real. The mood is a dark stormy and peaceful theme.
This is a non-realistic drawing, because it doesn't look real and it shows a happy bright theme.
This is monocrhomatic, because it is the same color scheme. This creates a peaceful, calm mood.
This is complementary, because it has two colors that are opposite .
Credits: All media
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