Marni's House of Renaissance art

The best of the best artwork from the Renaissance time period.

1.) I liked this piece because I loved the way she is looking down at the floor with an expression that could mean many different things. 2.)The movement in her hair and her small smile are what prove to me that it is from the Renaissance.
1.)I was drawn to this piece because there was so much going on, and the detail was beautiful. 2.)The depth in the picture, and the movement of all of the people truly remind me of the Renaissance.
1.)I loved this piece of art because the mother and baby bond I see in the picture is very touching. 2.)I know this is from the Renaissance because it displays depth, and they both have a smile on their face.
1.)I was drawn to this paining because I love bunnies, and it is at a very interesting angle. 2.)It is from the Renaissance because it uses many colors, and it also has a very mysterious expression.
Credits: All media
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