Pointing Towards Heaven - Robert J. Breeden

This black and white photo gallery includes images of churches and the steeples that adorn the structures as if endlessly pointing towards the Kingdom of God.  There are different styles and designs, but all are recognized by believers and non-believers alike that the steeples and crosses identify a place of sanctuary and worship.  The historical and religious aspects along with the beautiful architecture are a testament to the architects that designed them, the workers that built them, and to the people that attend them or once did.  

A simple yet elegant church is shown atop of a hill with a single light post to illuminate the street. The white church is a stark contrast to the dark surroundings which gives a feeling of sanctuary from the darkness within the brighter church. A dirt road from the lower left of the photo draws your eyes to the front of the church where the sun can be seen reflecting off of the stained glass window above the doors showing either a late evening or early morning.
In this photograph, two merging roads in the foreground lead your eyes to a row of trees, behind which stands a large brick church. The steeple of the church towers high above the surrounding buildings in this 19th century view of Sydney, Australia. Tall arched windows adorn the sides of the church and bell tower. The sepia tone gives a warm sense to the photo.
In this photo, the brightness of the sun from the left illuminates this small Spanish church. The smooth gradient sky brightens as it merges into the rugged terrain of the mountains in the background. The small wall surrounding the church is opened by a small entrance which leads your eyes to the church, then upwards to the steeple. This historic church represents a place of hope in such a desolate landscape.
As if pointing up the massive bluff behind it, the imposing rock in the foreground guides you eyes up towards the focal piece of this 1865 photograph. The church and tall steeple, stands mighty atop the hill which announces to everyone that can see it of it's presence and of the firm foundation beneath it.
This photo contains three different churches standing in close proximity of one another in a vast flat landscape. The church in the foreground is the focal point. The tall steeple with the Christian cross atop sets a bold contrast against the sky and puffy clouds above it. Your eyes are then led to the two churches in the background. The three suggest that the area in the photograph was a significant religious community.
This tiered church facade shows the remains of an early Spanish church on the Yucatan Peninsula. The overgrown pathway is a leading line to the dark shadowed entrance of the church. The dim silhouette of the church compared to the brightness of the sky, suggests that the church was backlit while the photo was taken. This is a stark contrast to the usual sense of peace and sanctuary and instead leaves a more somber and sad feeling.
This photograph reveals a Spanish styled church with a large wall surrounding the grounds. The open gate frames the church in the background and is topped with a bright cross which contrast the dark sky and overlooks the lone child outside the gate. There are three crosses on top of the church which may signify the three present at the cruxifixction of Christ. In front of the entrance stands a large cross which welcomes the churchgoers as they enter.
This historic photograph shows a simplistic yet beautiful Romanesque church. The angle of the road leads your eyes to the church, which is the focal piece of the photo. The seemingly empty street continues past the church towards what appears to be an archway. Pier buttresses that line the sides of the church, small windows, and curved arches are classic examples of the Romanesque design.
This 19th century photograph from Scotland shows a ornately designed Gothic styled church. The sides are lined with tall pointed arching windows and entryways. A massive steeple, or spire, dominates the skyline and is accompanied by flying buttresses towards the top of the tower. The photograph leads the viewer's eyes from the lower right of the photo up to the church by the angle at which the photo is taken. This classic style cathedral leaves no doubt that this is a place of worship.
This photograph of the magnificent Santa Maria Church is a beautiful representation of Roman architecture. The tall rounded arches over the windows and entryways along the front of the building are complimented by the smaller arched windows on the tower. The fountain in the foreground briefly captures the viewer's attention which is then drawn to the main focal point of the photo, the church itself. Finally the vertical lines work to move the focus to the beautiful tower. The crosses on top of the tower and main building represent this place as a house of God.
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