The oceans movement by bryant koedding

This theme of art work features natures movement. We have explored less than 5% of the ocean, the rest is still untouched. Waves create energy, color, and movement. They perform artistic movements, and show mother natures beauty. This theme represent color, movement, and nature. These displays of waves are art that is created by nature for us to enjoy. 

The Ninth Wave represents movement, nature, and color . The movement and power of the wave is seen through the white water colliding with each other, and the sun in the distance. The green water represents color, and shows the character of the ocean.
The breaking waves represents movement and nature. A breaking wave is mother natures art. It shows color, movement and is natural. This piece of artwork recreates that movement, and makes the artwork seem like it's moving in real life.
The black wave represents a full barrel. A barrel is a surfers dream and is created by mother nature. This piece uses movement, and texture. The texture of the painting makes the wave looks dense, and mean. The movement looks strong, and makes the wave look ready to crash.
These waves represent movement in a darker way. The color of the photo represents the ocean darkness, and the choppy conditions. The artist also adds movement to the white water as it crashes onto the beach.
This photo represents movement, texture and color. The wave is forming into a left, and crashing into a set of rocks. The artist recreated the wave by mixing colors and giving it texture, making the look hollow and realistic.
These waves represent movement, color and texture. The artist creates a set of waves breaking into a mountain of rocks. The movement of the waves are coming in, and the texture of the paint creates a rough like effect. The color of the sky creates the time of day.
This piece represents, movement and texture. The waves look like they are coming into the beach, but not breaking. The texture of the painting shows all the white water, and choppy surf.
This piece represents the theme the most. The movement of the wave about to crash down on the beach, and the display of dark colors making the ocean alive. The texture of the wave makes it look powerful and unforgiving.
This historic and famous piece is represents color, and movement. The steep incline, and wooden boats show how strong and powerful the wave is. The mixing of dark and light blue create a dark, and powerful look towards the wave.
This piece represents movement and color. The movement shows a steep, and tall waves ready to break. The energy is seen in the top of the wave with the breaking white water. The colors blend into the wave creating a blue, light wave.
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