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This artwork by Myung Keun Koh is very captivating to me because it shows an image of a place, but at the same time it also reveals emptiness on the borders of the painting. The artist creates an illusion of undefinable depth and space because it looks distinct when you observe it from different angles. Also, I like that it uses very high contrast to show a lot of depth in the hallway.
Gisela Araújo captured this image of the site of Praça de Lisboa in 2015. This image reflects how the society and infrastructure used to look like and still looks today. Its contemporary design contrasts with the buildings called the Clérigos Church and Tower. Also, the arquitecture of this site is very appealing because it has a lot of naturalistic and modern figures.
I like this piece of art by Gul Ilgaz because of what it symbolizes. The artist tries to show the effort to find balance in Istanbul, since Istanbul is divided politically and culturally between the East and the West. This art shows a courageous person that is falling into the ocean to represent freedom amongst the turmoil in Istanbul.
This image of the Bauhaus arquitecture on Sderot Nordau in Tel Aviv Israel, by Barry Winiker, is very familiar to me. The detail of the arquitecture is very similar to where I live in Puerto Vallarta. There are also many palm trees and trimmed shrubs along the crowded, narrow streets, just like Puerto Vallarta.
This art piece by Gonzalo Bilbao is very beautiful. This painting caught my eyes at first sight with the splendid violet sky that hangs over the blue mountains. The dynamic and dense brush strokes make the landscape look more vivid and creative than real life.
I like this portrait of John Monash, by James Quinn, painted in 1919, because it portrays one of Australia's greatest military leaders. This portrait makes me want to learn more about him because I don't know who he is. I also like that this painting is extremely detailed with high contrast so it appears very realistic.
This painting called the Cherry Blossoms at Daigo-ji Temple, by Okumura Togyu, makes me feel very calm and relaxed because of the soft, pale colors. I loved reading about this dedicated artist and how he spent many months just sketching the cherry tree first to make it look as beautiful and perfect as it is, but staying so simple at the same time.
This painting called Himeji Castle, by Okumura Togyu, appealed to me right away because of how different the architecture is compared to anything else I have ever seen. The bold edges of the castle and the complexity of the building are what caught my eye. This art piece was painted when the Himeji Castle was being restored and this event led to people being able to paint more freely.
I was drawn to this abstract painting called At The Gates Of Jerusalem Triptych, by Mordecai Ardon, because of its darkness and low contrast. It appears so mysterious. Even though it is made only with oil paints, it seems as though many different mediums were used to form its great texture. I absolutely love this painting.
This picture of Versailles in France in 1922, taken by Eugène Atget, is outstanding for many reasons. First of all, it captures the tiniest details of arquitecture in the streets and buildings. Also, it is a very unique picture because it shows a scene of a urban landscape that is completely empty.
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