Ancient Greek from Cycladic to Hellenistic

This is a Cycladic piece of art.  I know this because it is part of a marble male figurine, which is very characteristic of the Cycladic period. Another characteristic is that the male is nude.  
This is a Minoan piece of art.  This is prevalent because the Minoans were known for carving animals and natural life into gems stone and pottery.  This shows three dolphins carved on a gem. 
This is a Mycenaean flask.  The Mycenaeans were known for pottery with various patterns.  The circular stylization is common throughout the pottery in their culture. 
This water jar is an Archaic piece of art.  This is shown through the figures that are carved into the jar.  The Archaics were known for painting the pot black and chipping away to create the images seen above.
This is a Classical sculpture.  This is shown through the very smooth lines, the typical curly hair and long beard.  The style of this sculpture is detailed to an extent but not overly realistic which was common for this time.
This is a Hellenistic statue.  The characteristics of this time are the showing of motion, and the capturing of body proportion.  The Hellenistic time period put a lot of emphasis of the movement of the body and the muscles.
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