Powerful Perspective

Travis Johnson

I choose this because I liked how it shows the depth of the room and how unique the interior of the hall is designed. Although the table is a small part, it really seems to draw your eye.
Another painting that shows great depth, and even though there is a large amount of people you are drawn to the center. The detail in the clothing is also amazing.
I like this paintings use of color in the carnival. I also enjoy how the artist made the light bounce off of the building and how you can see the city in the distance
There is so much to look at in this painting. The detail is incredible. It really makes you feel like you are looking out at the landscape.
I like the way the artist made the fire come alive. The added depth of the ocean, moon and lighthouse are great additions
Another painting with so much to look at. I like how the town is nestled in the corner but adds so much to the painting.
I really like how this painting shows depth. Also the use of shadows really makes the painting come alive.
This painting shows the drama of whats going in the center while also showing how much is still going on around them. Also the ominous look of the clouds sets a tone.
The depth shown in this painting is amazing. The immense detail put into the buildings lining the canal is incredible. Also how the church is way in the distance but is still in the center
I like how much emotion this painting shows. Also the depth shows how ominous it looks in the background
I really like how the tank is just part of the picture. I also like how you get the feeling of destruction with the mangled trees and the trench the tank is dug into
This painting really shows how war is hell. The depth is shown with the amount of people injured. I also feel like the connection made in war is shown with the way the soldiers are laying and walking
I feel like the artist captured this scene perfectly, it feels like you are there. The sky has amazing detail and the artist really showed depth with the tree covered rolling hills
I like how the battle is in the distance but you still feel the intensity of the battle. The fire and smoke from the cannons looks amazing.
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