Women in America

Here are some depictions of Women painted in the America in the late nineteenth century and early 20th. I am making some comments on the connections that I found between them.

This seems to me like a strange depiction of two women, Hermia and Helen referring to the Shakespeare play.
This woman, pictured here in a dress and surrounded by flowers and playing the piano, shows the expectation of women to learn feminine skills, like playing the piano and learning to sew.
Another classic expectation of women in this time, extending to today, is to be the nurturer of the children in the home. Here we see this idea depicted.
This picture gives me a sense of the idea of women not being equal to men in their strength and mental powers. She seems idle, subservient. This is not a way a man would have been pictured.
This woman is pictured in a dress with a flower in a home, the classic depiction of a subservient woman in the home.
This woman seems to be somewhat lower class--her face is hard and her hands seem worn. Her outfit seems as if it is made of cotton rather than silk and her jewelery is minimal.
Men, in comparison, seem a little more free. Here he has his shirt slightly unbottoned and he is looking off, unconcerned.
This woman seems to encompass the idea of placing women on a pedestal and being idealized.
This woman is in the home, with fair skin. It seems like her expression says something about how she feels about her standing in life.
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