The End is Here! By: Randy winans

This group of images is my attempt to highlight the end times or final judgement from The Bible. My sub theme is movement. In these images there is a lot of movement. In the majority of these images there is either battle scenes or scenes of the rapture.

This image displays an amazing battle scene from the Apocalypse. In this extremely busy image, there are Gods angels and the rebel angels. God's angels appear to be lighter colored and more human like images. The rebel angels are depicted with more dark colors and in some cases more animal or monster forms.
In this image, there is a battle of the Archangel Michael and the rebel angels from hell. Unlike other images of this event, This picture depicts the hero and the villains as human figures. The rebel angels have wings just as Michael does, However they are much smaller. There is movement in this picture from all of the figures visible.
This image is a depiction of an event that was prophesied by John, the writer of the book Revelations of The Bible. Death is very dark and ominous. The only imagery that is clear to make out is the spine and arms of Death and the outline of pale horse. The images shows the direct movement not only of the horse and death flashing across the sky, it also shows death himself moving by bending over and swiping his arms as to be grabbing.
In this image, the event of the last judgement is laid out in seemingly rudimentary fashion. In the center of the page there are souls clamoring, waiting for their turn to be judged. Jesus on the thrown appears to be pointing and looking to his left where a clear image of Hell lies. Here there are souls being burned and tormented. On the right of Jesus, an image of happy angels dancing and having a great time. There is movement all over the page in all three sections.
In this image of the final judgement, there is an amazing amount of movement. This is a very busy piece. Like many of the other images of this kind, the bottom of the page shows the separation of Heaven and Hell. You can clearly see demons on the right of the page grabbing and pulling souls to Hell and angels on the left pulling people to Heaven. It seems like each figure that is in the image is moving in some way.
This is an interesting piece that depicts the Saint Jerome hearing the trumpet being blown for the final judgement. You can see in this image the figure in the top right corner flying down and the sound of the horn being blown blasting out. The Saint in reaction is clearly startled and reaching out to the horn player. To this viewer, it appears as if the image is unfinished.
In this image of the final judgement, the figures are much less glorified or perfected. There is imagery of movement here in the way of angels flying around in the air between Jesus and those waiting to be judged. Those waiting to be judged are either praying, sinking into the ground, or sitting with arms crossed. Even the clouds seem to be opening and clearing away where Jesus sits.
This is an interesting interpretation of the last judgement. In this image, the demonic figures are very animal like. There is a dog like creature that appears to be swallowing a large group of souls. The souls being swallowed and the souls waiting in line are all making gestures as if they are trying to get away or beg for mercy.
As in many other depictions of this event, there is movement on the bottom left and bottom right that are contrasting to one another. The left of the page or right of Jesus, shows the imagery of heaven and Gods angels. To the right or left hand is Hell and the Rebel angels. To the right of Jesus is an olive branch and to the left is a sword. Among the angels flying around is images of those waiting to be judged making a plea to be saved.
Like most last judgement images, this image has the separation of Heaven and Hell. However, in this depiction there is a lot less going on that in others. The bulk of the image draws the viewer to Jesus and the two figures to the left and right of his feet. This is one of the only images of this type that does not emphasize the turmoil of those being judged. However the movement of these figures is still very clear.
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