Back and White

A simple yet an extraordinary feeling

I chose this photo graph because it reminded me of what I would do when I finished working with my father on the farm.
This photo simply was chosen due to satisfaction, The idea of objects fit perfectly together.
This photograph makes me feel calm, and peaceful, it made me notice the simple things in life.
For some reason I affiliated this photo with love. The tree on the left is the man that can be with the woman due to complications but that doesn't stop him.
I had multiple emotions and ideas running through my head but what I felt was beauty and strength.
I really liked old buildings and structures, I chose this photo because I stopped and wondered what was done there.
I feel like I am to young to have kids, but the idea of having would be a rush of happiness with the company of some tears. Of course, I am not ready to have them soon looking at this photo.
With Christmas around the corner, this photograph drew my attention with the shape of the shells.
For some reason, the photo resembled to me, a computer motherboard. It related to me because it brought back a lot of memories with my friends and I working on the computer.
This chair looks amazing, it seems as if that the chair was a combination of two chairs one black and one white. They perfectly fit together but they do not go together.
To have children is a beautiful feeling, to see them play, to hear them laugh. The thought that comes to mind is that that is what the world should look and sound like
This photo made me contemplate for a while on what the artist is trying to say, and what it is trying to represent. Naturally I chose it because true art to me is the art that makes me think.
This painting is one of my favorites. It seems to be bunch of drips and drops of pain but these blobs of black paint insinuate branches and leaves from a tree.
It is simple and yet a strong painting. the detail in the mountains is well done but it also has a simple design as if a child could paint this.
This one photo brings back a lot of memories of my past. As a child I would play chess with my father on a marble chess board as well as playing against my friends at school in the chess club.
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