dimensional perspective

Look at these as if it were a different dimension.

What better view then from a frogs eye to look at a pond?
taking in all of the beautiful sakura trees and their colorful blossoms.
Life as a droplet of rain, falling on my head, giving myself ideas of life.
I actually saw this and it was a skull made of nothing but legs and butts it was pretty cool to see and a bit creepy at the same time.
Living though hell fire on the ocean to come home.
The peace and tranquillity in the sense of home with the contrast of a foreign land.
With home in mind and soul i Journey back.
The struggle behind ones inner self and between light and darkness itself.
The body of a woman does not have to be perfect for it to be beautiful and captivating.
Space is ongoing and contracting at the same time?
Every journey is a difficult one if alone and in the dark of night.
A serpent wondrous at first will sometime bite the very thing it has come to love.
In total harmony with nature and it's four daughters.
"To face ones demon is to take god into you and live in heavens gates."
The face of a demon is not always a sad or angry one.
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