A sports movement by Kodi Rybolt

This gallery includes works that show the uprising of sports in modern art. It centers around Olympic based sports through the use of paintings. The artworks represented in this gallery are a mixture of works by Jordi Aluma I Masvidal and Hans Emi, and it will show the utmost use of the era of sports through their eyes.

Depicted in this work is four basketball players, one of which is trying to make a shot. Two of the opposing players are trying to keep the player from scoring. This painting uses a series of flowing lines and asymmetrical balance to create a clean and understandable piece.
This piece depicts a runner with the number 92 on his chest. The image above him is of a gargoyle from the cathedral. Flowing lines are once again used in this piece to allow the feeling of movement, and you can clearly tell that the runner is running away from the gargoyle.
Here we have two fencers that are dueling with extreme passion as shown by the movement mechanics of this piece. There are two onlookers in the corners of the piece watching the fencers. The color balance throughout the piece allows the lifework to take over and show magnificent movement.
This piece depicts two swimmers diving into a pool of water in front of Guell Park. The flowing linework allows the swimmers to look as if they are swiftly moving through the water in complete unison. The soft colors allow the painting to feel soothing and comforting.
Depicted here we have two boxers going toe-to-toe with each other. There are a few onlookers, as well as a lady in the crowd taking interest in the fight. In the corner you can see a star athlete in front of an altar. The use of color allows the lines in this piece to really pop out at you. The symmetry allows for the fighters' movements to be understood in a dramatic way.
Here we see a cyclist under a medallion of St. George. The cyclist is focused as noted by his downward facing head and parallel body. This piece uses color as a great way to separate the two portions. Although the meaning of the two parts of the painting may be different, the color contrast allows for completely harmony and movement.
In this piece we see a lot of movement using contrasting elements. There are several different figures in this image going all different ways. They are all moving towards different goals. The proportion of the skier suggests that he is the centerpiece to this hectic artwork.
You will notice a rower in front of a very defined and well known image in the piece of art. The rower is in front of the Sydney Opera House. The cool colors as well as the flowing lines suggest that the rower is moving swiftly past the opera house in an intense fashion.
Depicted in this image you will see Poseidon on the left and Aeolus on the right as they watch over two yachts with teams. Poseidon is clearly visible in this piece as his proportion is much larger than the rest of the images depicted. The flowing lines of the boats water suggest that the teams are moving swiftly towards a common goal.
This image, similar to the image of the runner, also depicts an athlete with a gargoyle from the cathedral over her. In this piece however, gymnast is not running away from gargoyle. The lines used as well as the colors suggest that the athlete is completely dedicated and disciplined to staying close to the ring around her waist.
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