God of the sea - Harry Rivera

This collection of art work is about the Greek god of the sea known as Poseidon. This collection contains sculptures, paintings, architecture and other assets. This galley is to show one of the Greek gods that is very know and the impact it has had on the lives of many people around the world during ancient Greece.

The first work of art that I chose was this head sculpture of Poseidon. This sculpture is very detailed by giving detail to the hair and its face features, which gives the sculpture emotion.
My second work of art is a painting that shows Poseidon looking over at these boats and this image contains an element of art called line. It draws attention towards the center towards Poseidon.
This work of art is very unique and the texture of this work of art seems smooth. In this image you can see Poseidon in the lower center of it, and surrounding him are mermaids that are pushing him.
This painting shows a group of people ready to sacrifice this lady and in the center you see Poseidon on a platform and is sparing her life. Surrounding all of them are ships and it has depth in it.
This painting shows Poseidon riding on an aquatic horse and Amphitrite sitting on a clam shell and is being held by some of Poseidon's servants .This painting contains many colors and has movement.
This next image shows Diana and Demeter, while Poseidon in in the bottom left corner of the painting having his back faced towards us and is looking in the distant. This image has depth and realism.
This is an image of a water jar and on the water jar are Poseidon and Dionysos. One element of art that is shown here is the element called space, which can give this water jar a feeling of depth.
This is an image of a Greek coin and its value is 20 drachmas. On the coin you can see the face of Poseidon and on the back of the image is a ship. This coin is very similar to the US dime.
This image that I chose is the Temple of Poseidon, and you can see that it sit on top of a hill and there are no walls around it and the only thing standing are columns that are very detailed.
The final image that I chose is very unique, and in this painting it shows Poseidon in the left and towards the right is is a woman holding a torch and out of her mouth five circles are coming out.
Credits: All media
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