View of the mountains

I have always been a fan of hiking. The views are incredible and the journey is unforgettable. My original theme was a collection of all the paintings my friends loved, but most were not on here. I chose something that I thought would reflect the enjoyment of the view after a long journey

I chose this piece of art start the collection since I have personally hiked the Franconia Notch the White Mountains,
The sunset on the mountains one of the most beautiful views. In this piece the artist captures all the colors of the change in light from the warm glow the sun dimming down and slowly stealing away the vision.
Sometimes it's not just about looking up at a mountain but once you've reached a peak get the opportunity to look down and see the journey that you just took, that's why I think this piece fits into the collection.
I chose this work of art due to its texture and what I would call aging or fading. It feels like it gives the mountains the presence of always have being been there.
This pieces in the collection for two reasons. The first is from the Sunrays, Looked up at the sun many times when I see it in this picture I can feel the sunrays. The second is for the lakes I want to swim in.
Japanese artwork has has always been quite interesting to me. I chose to add this piece as I liked the use of color in the Japanese-style to show the mountains.
The high quality details the change of light caught my eye particularly on this one. Early in the morning is a gentle layer of fog in the art is captured it as you look down you can still see the sun trying to break through that layer of fog
The reflections of the water the gentle ripples across them or what you my I did this piece. It's definitely somewhere that I would love to visit in the late Lieut. of the pools of water at just the sparkle of color that makes you want to go swimming.
Credits: All media
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