Crossing the line

A Gallery filled with works of art demonstrating line.

the cross hatching on this piece is very well done and does a terrific job with transitioning the high and low value areas.
This piece is a good example of line because it uses line to direct the viewer to the focus of the piece.
The cross hatching and use of thick outlines in this piece does a great job of showing the figures.
In this piece the hard lines do and excellent job to show the flow if the piece.
The line in this piece does a good job of guiding your eye through the piece directing you to the focus point.
The lines in this piece show the emotion of the artist at the time it was made.
The implied line in this piece really make it stand out and really give the pice character.
This is a beautiful piece and uses hatching and implied lines so well it is very obvious to make out every character in this piece
this piece has great character outlines and strong bold lines that really give the piece a dramatic and emotional feel.
the line work in this is so simple yet so elegant that it really makes it stand out from the rest.
The way the lines radiate outward from the center brick make this piece feel like you are in space flying past stars.
the radiating lines from the center and the outline of the flower allow this piece to really blossom and stand out from the rest.
this piece does an excellent job of using lines to create houses and putting the houses inside of the houses is a very creative idea.
Flowers. Flowers everywhere. Lines come out of it, wow so much lines. Lines make pretty flower. Lines used. Flower. You're welcome.
This sculpture makes good use of line to give definition to the wings making them stand out as those of a beautiful butterfly.
Credits: All media
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