here to emphasize my (focal) point

The use of both color and lines emphasizes the focal point in this photograph. The bright teals and grayish blues allow the shell to pop out of the black and void page. One's eye goes directly to the center due to the spiral line that coils to the center of the mollusk. The shell is the emphasis whereas the focal point is found in the center of the shell, where the line ends.
The emphasis is seen in the face and head of the woman, due to the extra shading of contour lines. The hair that surrounds her face is darker and the dark color allows for her face to be highlighted. The sharp lines in her nose and dark lines that create her eyebrows create focal points. The contrast between the light and dark draw the eye to her eyes and face as a whole.
In this war scene, the emphasis lies in the detailed depictions of the men at war and the simple clouds that contain the deities. A focal point can be seen in the center of the piece, at the warrior with the shield. The clutter of the other soldiers that surround him focus the attention on him, because of the break in the sea of men that allows for him to be highlighted. The contrast of dark and light creates an emphasis on both the dark chaos on the left and light chaos on the right.
Areas of emphasis are seen where the people meet dancing (the couple where the woman is clothed in red), and where the two women alone are. The contrast of the woman in white and woman in black draw one's attention to the edges of the painting. A focal point is identified at the moon due to the simplicity of the shape and at the interlocked hands of the couple dancing. The lines of their arms lead the eye towards their bright hands that stand out from the red dress and blue suit. 
The muted and similar colors do not allow for emphasis on one specific part, except for the circle in the middle. The difference is shape and texture creates a space that stands out above the rest. The converging lines that come towards the circle allow it to stand out even more and act as a focal point. In the center of the focal point is a black acorn shape that acts as one of the focal points as well. In addition, due to the contrast of colors, the while rectangle below the circle is another focal point because the eye is drawn to the difference in color.
The emphasis is on the necklace as a whole. The bright, shiny cream color stands alone on a dark blue surface, allowing for an emphasis to be put on the jewelry. This photograph's actual focal point is where the picture is in focus, right at the tip of the necklace at the bottom of the picture. Those ten shells pop out of the page due to their clarity and defined lines. The blurred objects fade into the background and would not catch one's eye.
Here, no specific area of emphasis is found, and no focal point can be detected. Instead, there is an overall implied texture due to the uniformity of the piece. This allows the spectator to view the artwork in its entirety, rather than focusing on one specific, or several specific points.
The uniformity of this mat allows the emphasis to be evenly distributed throughout. The fringe on the outside is emphasized due to its difference in texture. Also, the white circular lines stand out. The mat as a whole is an emphasis from the solid white background. The focal point is the center of the mat. The circles that get increasingly smaller guide the eye to the center, where one finally be at ease and focus.
The emphasis can be seen where detail is drawn, in the trees in the bottom right, and where the contrast of colors is drawn, in the trees, water and mountain top. With the mountain that stands alone in a sea of clouds, a focal point can be found. Also, the darker branch of the tree stands out.
The similar color scheme causes emphasis to be put on the blue lilies that float on the yellow water. The direction of the flow of water can be seen with the vertical lines that are painted throughout the page. The focal points are the lilies that are painted with more defined lines and darker colors. That allows them to stand out against the soft water and its reflections.
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