art I find true

In my point of view these eleven pieces have very real and emotional connections to me.  A couple of them represent historical events, tell a strong story, and others just seem like they had tons of effort put into them.  This is what I believe true art is.

This is probably the only painting I added on here that I just liked for the amount of effort put into it. The lighting is so define, and the textures are stunning.
This one is the oddest out of the artwork I chose. It's a bit dark and confusing, but there's an understanding that the artist wanted it to seem that way.
I generally love this piece. It's a very old artwork, but it still has an affect on people today. The pastel colors and values were used in a unique way as well.
I don't know what it is about me, but I have a high interest in dark tales and artwork. This painting gave me concerning vibes. It's mysterious, somewhat terrifying, and yet, captivating.
This artwork also has a dark vibe to it. The women and children are on the lighter side of the fire, and the others are on the dark side. I also have a fear of what they set ablaze.
This piece is very strong emotionally. It looks like a poor man is being blessed for the first time. In the old ages, a lot of people depended on the church for redemption.
This piece didn't have very much description. I personally love this artwork because it reminds me of my grandfather's face when he saw me with holes in my jeans. I love the realistic expression.
This touches me because I happen to be immensely religious. It's a dark and emotional painting on how a godlike figure sacrificed himself to save mankind.
This is definitely the happiest art in this gallery. I love the royal blue color used for the darker values. I can almost imagine what it would've been like in a greek bath house.
This painting just looks like a giant party to some. To me it's still pretty creepy. The giant face in the background is um.....kind of terrifying. I wouldn't want to party to that.
To me this painting is the best out of this gallery. The amount of expression is so define, there is so much going on that it's almost overwhelming. I studied about Pompeii, and this says it all.