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Kevins google color gallery

I think this artwork by Frank HINDER is a bit primary triadic because it has a mixture of primary and secondary colors together mixed.
This art work is mainly monchromaric because it has a mixture of green, yellow, blue and some red which shows the monchromaric by Vincecnt van Gogh.
THis artwork by Edvard Munch , i think should be categorised by Analogous because its has a mixture of green , brown , blue , red , and hint of yellow and orange which falls in the definition. analo*
This artwork by Poeta is mainly secondary triadic because it has purple , blue , red which is secondary triadic.
This artwork by Simone Martini and Lippo Memmi is compimentary colors because its showing blue, purple , red colors
This artwork is a mixture of cool colors because it represents blue, purple , and green colors.
This is a mixture of split complimentory because it has more blue kind of colors with red and orange colors.
This art piece by Odilon Redon is a warm colors because it has yellow and orange and red.
This shows secondary colors because i noticed Green, orange, and purple.
This beautiful art piece by Ero Jarnefelt is Split- Complimentory because i noticed some blue, red and orange.
Credits: All media
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