The Art of The Streets Through a Taggers Eyes!

This is my personal view of how hip hop has not only evolved into a culture, But how it's impact on on the Art community has built the hip hop lifestyle to different level. The mood of this gallery has been inspired by music and the love of the Hip hop culture and movement.

This piece to me represents perspective. The guy symbolizes the Hip Hop culture as he conceals his face from the world but reveals himself through the art which is his Gafitti.
This is a picture of a train that has been what we call tagged. Tagging started in the late 70's early 80's as an expression of the music that the inner city youth heard.
This picture to me depicts the intellectual shy group that is looking for a way to brak free. The colors of this piece stands out to me. As the boy looks puzzled with a tear as he wonders.
This picture shows all nationalities and genres getting together and having a great time. Which is what Hip Hop is about!
This picture shows the acrylic cans that taggers use and the person with no close is bearing their soul in the art.
This picture is "Self Explanatory!" That is what stood out with this picture.
Here is another version that the artist created. I chose this one because they used dull colors and it still stowed great detail.
This is almost a portrait of a tagger at their best. Doing what they love and not for the criminal aspect, However to have their work and creativity displayed.
This wall is so vivid and full of life. all the bright colors captures the eye and commands you to focus and pay attention as most inner city walls that have been tagged.
This is a perfect example of Art imitating life. The hip hop life style that is.
Credits: All media
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