3/24/16 - Victoria Demery

The last supper is a religious painting done by Leonardo da Vinci. The art form is sacred and portrays Jesus as the focal point. The view and vision captures the viewer from the start. Although, the painting is two-dimensional, the tones used significantly enhances the focal points. Also, the choice of colors added definition to the painting offsetting the softness of the individuals. Leonardo did not draw with harshness or with clear precises lines. Instead he blended it well and made use of the colors to separate his people.
During the Reniassance period a great artist, Gustave Le Gray painted the Mona Lisa a well-known painting. This dynamic piece has many shadows and lighting effects. It's texture seems as if it would be rough to the touch. The Mona Lisa is the most discussed work of art due to it's mysteriousness. The characteristics drawn is what makes this painting so unique - it is one of a kind.
The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is a well-known dynamic, three-dimensional illusion piece. The texture and colors that Van Gogh used with this oil painting produces the feeling of movement. The line used gives off the perception that paining would be rough and that it is in motion. Brilliantly, Vincent clearly tells a story with his art. It is as if he is behind a darkness looking upon a beautiful and live sky. Vincent's choice of colors, tones and shadows sets him apart from other artists from his time era. What a artistic piece.
The black and white photograph taken of Marilyn Monroe captured such a simple moment. However, the seductiveness that Marilyn is known for is portrayed in this clever pose. The beauty that is revealed in this photograph has focused on her reading. Although, the landscape scenery exposed a sense of natural magnificence it also enhanced Marilyn’s attractiveness. The twentieth century art work was notorious for overlooking the boundaries just as in this risqué photo.
The Stone Bridge is an intriguing painting by Rembrandt. The shadowing and natural blending of the sceneries makes this piece feel flowing. Although, the darker colors tend to represent sadness or sense of darkness the mood is conflicting. Rembrandt highlighted the bridge as the focal point and put emphasis on the bright trees. His back ground distortion gives the feeling that it’s far away. A well painted picture that leaves the observer with a satisfying sensation.
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