The Preservation of Righteousness in Our Everyday Lives

Innocence can mean hiding from the world, a small animal, a baby, having protection from the negative world we live in, and many other things. When people think of the word "innocent", they probably think of something that does no wrong, and or a person that has not yet learned about how the world can be a negative place. To me, innocence has more of a meaning. It is more of a journey you go through, and there is always a reason for why your innocence disappeared in the way it did. 

Innocence can never be destroyed totally if you had it once. It is the purity of heart which you might hide by using masks. If you want it back, you just have take those masks off you. There might be some masks which you do not even remember placing on you. You will have to search those masks. They are the key to your true innocence, which are usually tied to you by betrayals, and other tough situations. In The Catcher In The Rye, Holden tries to do adult-like things. While trying to do these things, he is caught holding on to his innocence and ripping off his mask.
When one does not know any better, it can be considered innocent. This picture shows a puppy running away. To me, this is showing how the dog is living life the way he wants, and does not see the evil in the world. The dog is running away from corruption.
This doll represents an innocent mind. It is showing how children can see the world with a big imagination. They do not know about the evil and wrong that exists. Meaning they can use this unknowing value to play with their toys.
In this picture, a mother comforts her son as he cries. His innocent, little mind is corrupted by the world, and the adults in his life. This is kind of what Holden goes through in the novel. That is what flared his depression.
A baby's mind is innocent. When most people think of the word "innocent", they think "baby". This is because a baby ,or toddler, is new to our world. They are yet to learn that there is bad parts to the to life, and that as you grow up you begin to seem more "phony".
Having an item that is special to you, for example maybe a hat, can symbolize innocence. Wearing this hat can make you feel protected from the phony bitter world. Maybe this hat could be whats helping you hold onto your innocence.
Sometimes, if you are too innocent, you refuse to see the bad parts of the world. You are not living your life to the best of your ability everyday. Your innocence is holding you back, and you are to blind to notice.
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