Red being symbolism within art.

Possible symbolism that is used within artworks, some may represent love, danger, and more "excited" emotions, that the color indicates.

The use of red in this artwork might suggest that this is a field of "danger" or perhaps blood has been shed here before, indicated by how the grass is "stained" red.
As indicated by the title, the chandelier seems to be in a fit of "passion" angry throwing itself this and that way in some angered frenzy.
Along with the symbol of love, the heart also is colored red to indicate this this heart is of love.
Just as there is red "love" there is passion, lust, hatred, and sin all within this picture, perhaps they plan to just use each other for there on gain, before committing some "sin."
As it seems the man is sick or wounded within bed, the dress indicates that the woman might be a lover or a loved one to the person and they are passionate upon his recovery.
This person could be a brave leader, indicated by the red in the drapes and the red of the chair.
Without need for a title, the red of Achilles clothing can indicate anger and hatred, and some form of courage as he seeks revenge or the death of his enemies.
The red in this artwork can indicate that this is a brave man judging by his clothing, or perhaps he was a passionate ruler, maybe even one who ruled by anger.
The woman in this picture, can be indicated to be above the "fires" of hatred and anger, as she is "floating" above the flames.
This is a passionate man, indicated by the "romantic" imagery used of the picture; the riding of a horse as the wind flows by, blowing the cape back "passionately,"
The red used within the artwork suggests that she loves the kids around her. This love may be hidden under the "layer" of blue, as that indicates calmness, but "underneath" it, she has love for them.
The male child might be in danger of falling off, perhaps the girl is the danger, indicated by her red dress. Or perhaps she is trying to help him in as she is passionate and and loves others.
As indicated by the image, this man is suffering pain and is bleeding. Perhaps acted on passion, maybe in anger.
This is a passionate love room maybe of actual love or maybe even a more base desire of lust or sin. Though it seems to lean more to love and passion as indicated by the red heart and "softer" shades.
This woman could be an object of lust, indicated by the vibrant red imagery used along with the indicator of roses behind her. This combined with red indicating; love, lust, sin, and passion.
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