Light and Shadow

A collection of pieces that show how light and shadow can be manipulated to convey messages.

There's a large shadow covering most of the land in the background. However, the foreground is drenched in sunlight. It feels like a spot of happiness in a dark place.
This sculpture is very interesting in the way the sunlight is hitting it. If the sunlight was hitting it from a different direction, for instance from the top, the final shot would look completely different. The shadows in this case add a lot of depth.
The shadows of the designs coming through from the other side are an interesting use of negative space.
The shadows coming off of this sculpture really accentuates the texture making it look more like an actual mountain.
The shaded foreground creates a large contrast to the lightened houses in the background that you almost miss the house in the woods to the right of the image.
It's interesting how this sculpture was made in a very blocky format but because it was made in such a large scale it just looks like a rough texture and the shadows really bring that out.
The town in this image is in a lot of shadow along with most of the people seen in the shot. With the citizens in the dark this image has sort of a dark feel.
The girl to the left of the center of this image is the main focus. What's interesting is that her shadow appears to be darker than the rest of the shadows in the shot.
Notice how the darkened foreground almost appears to be in more rubble than the rest of the ruins.
What I like about this image is how the shadow on the left side of the large rock draws your eye from the man on the top left across the image and down to the river.
The intense light on the greatly constructed buildings in the distance makes the scene seem utopian.
The dark colors in the scene makes it seem as though something nefarious is going on in this scene. Especially when you consider the face of the man casting the large, prominent shadow on the wall in the back.
If it weren't for the shadows in this image you might think that all the horses were running on the ground, yet the shadows seem to not be touching the horses they appear to belong to, making them appear to be in the air.
The large, dark shadow on the left side of this image sets a nice contrast to the hopeful life being shined on the people resting on the rocks.
The shadow behind the man in this picture immediately catches your eye. Absinthe, being banned for its toxicity, perhaps has made this man a shadow of his former self.
Credits: All media
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