Experience the majesty of mountain life from around the globe. A relationship of Mountain and Tree - by Patrick Stone

I have compiled a gallery showcasing mountain landscapes from across the world. Each of these images has a primary focal point being a singular tree. All of the landscapes I have chosen are colored using natural tome pallets. Nothing too bright, nothing too dark. I have chosen this color palette to reflect the real scenery found in mountainous landscapes. Rocks, dirt, water, trees. All of these aspects and imagery can be related to dusty dirty or dull pallet tones. Just as amazing as the mountainous landscape are it's trees. A delicate balance, and fruitful relationship.

This mountainous background is but a scene, while your eyes are always immediately drawn to the tree on the right, Crooked, Jagged, Leaning, upright. My tree fights for it's place on the country side.
Rugged and Ruff. Our focal tree on the left is beaten but not broken. Much like the mountain. It's remnants would be tough to conquer. This tree, formidable as the landscape deserves it's place.
In the cold and frozen wastes. This focal tree is not lonely or alone. It's lively stance adds much presence to this image as the surrounding landscape. Alive, branches in motion. Formed by the wind
Our mountain crawls upward. Lingering in layers. comparatively sprawling out is our tree. Branches climbing upward and relaxed. Sturdy yet balanced to it's surroundings. Clear is their symbiance.
A couple enjoys the shade of a large river born tree. Nutrient rich, wide and flowing. It's roots dug in deep to the riverside. Our tree need not earn it's place. it just needed to be there.
At the foot of a mountain, a tree is just a tree. Unless it is your tree. Our tree bloomed in the shadow of the mountain. Gave shade to it's nearby creatures and learned how to act as the mountain.
A tree rises as if it were meant to fill the gap between the mountains. This valley, run through a mountain by a river, as our tree cuts through the sky. A deep thought is pondered by a man.
Majestically our landscape rises in layers above the sky. Rich with life, and mother to it. Our tree also provides a home with many stories. For any life that settles nearby. Warm and rich and fertile
Stealing the scene is our focal tree. Brazen and robust. Pitched and frilled on it's branches, much like the mountain edges. It gives strong root to the ground, as the ground is rooted by the mountain
Jagged and spiked. The mountain delivers an awesome scenery straight out of a scifi movie. Equally unfamiliar is our tree. Branched out sprouts of foliage and ragged trunk. A match made for the other.
Credits: All media
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