The Austrian Experience            during World War I

Sophia Hastings

I found this artifact interesting for two reasons. The first reason is the command like statement on the top. Austria was part of the Central Powers in World War I and thus was an enemy to Britain or the Triple Entente. The second is because it shows the unification of the Central Powers.
I found this war time propaganda very interesting. Not only was this picture sheet eye catching, gaining a lot of attention, it also helped to demonstrate themes that were present throughout the war.
I found this interesting because of the demonstration of the strong hatred for prisoners of war. Clearly if you were an enemy at this time, you were treated like a fox being hunted by hunting dogs (and given a reward for finding them).
This paper seal caught my attention because of the emphasis on royals and leaders during the war.Three important people are on this paper seal, demonstrating a sense of strength and power for the nation.
I found this announcement on the introduction of Daylight Saving Time interesting because it emphasizes the need for energy conservation. Daylight Saving Time is still used today, showing how some things from this time are still used.
I found this drawing interesting because it came from the perspective of a young person. Not only that, but the title "Mercy" shows how children were brought up and even how they thought during the war.
I found this picture interesting because it shows a major type of warfare, trench warfare, during the war. The caption also mentions leisure activities, showing how they tried to make the war seem better than it was.
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