Jenna Mickschl- All projects

I really like the contrast between the black and white and also all of the details you can see in the woman's dress.
I found it interesting that this was done from the viewpoint of behind the women and it looks like it's raining, but they're smoking..
I really like all of the bright colors in this and it almost looks like water color, also in this one there is no distinct details
This work looks almost like pencil, it has a lot of texture in it but there is still a certain smoothness to the shark and in the man's body and clothing
This looks like some type of advertisement poster and I like that it's mainly just the white outline that shows where everything is
This reminds me of the earlier painting of Saturn eating his child and it's very cave-man like, especially his toe nails..
I like this work because it creates a very eery, smokey feeling like this man is fishing at the break of dawn in some remote area that is very calming,
I like this because you can see what looks like brush strokes in the upper left and in the small bluff-looking structure, and the color scheme makes it feel as old as it is, (1890)
This painting looks soft. It looks like it's oil, or paint. I noticed the audience isn't even looking at the dancer though.. it intrigued me.
This looks like it's done in charcoal and it looks smeared, but through the monotyping it really does look like the original and it's age is apparent.
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