Love and friendship

My exhibit revolves around the theme of love and friendship. All the texts we read throughout the semester explained the aspects of love and friendship in its own unique way, now let us take a tour, which would further clear many aspects of what is meant by love and friendship in these various texts by some noteworthy authors. 

This picture shows how Shamhat's love changed Enkidu's life, "While the two of them together were making love, he forgot the wild where he was born. For seven days and seven nights, Enkidu was erect and coupled with Shamhat" (George 12).
This picture tells all what friendship means. He is always there for this friend, whenever he needs him, "Each time Gilgamesh wakes from a nightmare, but Enkidu reassures him that his dream is favourable after all" (George 30).
Here we see that Gilgamesh is so devastated by his friend's death that "He [Gilgamesh] summons his craftsmen and makes a funerary statue of his friend [Enkidu]" (George 62).
"Life, as we find it, is too hard for us; it brings us too many pains, disappointments and impossible tasks. In order to bear it we cannot dispense with palliative measures"(Freud 41). And a true friend can very well be that palliative measure.
People say that making love is eternal bliss, "Sexual love has given us our most intense experience of an overwhelming sensation of pleasure and has thus furnished us with a pattern for our search for happiness" (Freud 52).
The picture here shows the love between Estraven and Ashe. Seeing her/him again after three years he remembered the "old habit of their love as if it had been broken yesterday" (LeGuin 39).
The scene here shows the 'kemmer' season. The mating season for the planet of 'Gethen'. Here we can see the people of 'Gethen' finding or searching for new mating partners (LeGuin 47).
The picture here depicts the relationship between General Ai and Estraven. They become friends over a period of time during their journey back to Karhide. Who had a relationship like "Hearth-brothers, or friends" (LeGuin 105).
According to Socrates love should be without any sorts of expectations in return but he says that "I'm afraid they think my love of people makes me tell whatever little i know unreservedly to any man, not only without charging fees, but even glad to loose money, so long as someone cares" (Plato 5).
Here we can make out Crito asking Socrates not to worry about Crito and his other friends being troubled, or "forced to give up all their property, or pay heavy fines" and also assures him by saying that this was nothing in comparison to his safety.(Plato 64).
Here we see Lady Chiltern expressing her love to Sir Robert after she convinces him not to support Mrs Cheveley's proposal. She tells Robert "I will love you always, because you will always be worthy of love"(Wilde 30).
This picture shows the friendship between Lord Goring and Sir Roberts. Lord Goring proves to be Sir Roberts true friend by helping him out in his most dreadful times, he also tells Robert that "I will help you in whatever way I can. Of course you know that"(Wilde 35).
Here we see Lord Goring lets his heart out by asking Mabel to marry him. He also tells "Mabel,I have told you that I love you. Can’t you love me a little in return?" (Wilde 80).
Here we can see two friends sharing thoughts with each other. We can co-relate this to what Dao says about a superior man, he gives his benevolence "indiscriminately to others" (Lok Sang HO Ch-8).
Here we see a young girl helping a poor kid by giving him a coin. Dao says that "Love is based on giving our bodies up to the world, As if they could be entrusted to all under heaven"(Lok Sang HO Ch-13).
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